Phone Accesories For Travelers – What You Must Take

When you travel there are a couple of challenges that you could face. Things like a different electric current that is not going to allow you to just plug in your regular charger as you would at home. If you are taking an eco-tourism type of trip where you are going to be out in the wild if you will, there are some unique things that you would need to worry about. It is obvious that different types of trips could see you benefiting from equally different types of phone accesories. Here are some of the top travel accesories for your phone though that you could use while you are traveling. To make sure that you can properly, charge your phone, protect your phone, and use it for a wide variety of things. 

Just so we are all clear the list is not in any particular order. We know that some travelers could benefit from particular devices and maybe not from others. The hope is that you find something here that you may not have thought of before. This is going to allow you to be better prepared for your trip. With that out of the way let’s get going! 

Across The Pond Phone Accesories: Voltage Converters 

We’ve talked about these devices plenty of times on the site already. The thing that we always mentioned is that it’s always a good idea to own a quality voltage convertor, travel adapter, or whatever it is that you want to call it. Especially if you happen to be someone who travels quite a bit between Europe and America. There are low-cost options that are going to allow you to connect one device at a time. A lot of these cheap options are truly less than ideal options. Mainly because they are known to burn out often. If they burn out they can damage any device that you have hooked up to them.

Getting a multi-contact voltage convertor is going to allow you to charge multiple devices at one time. This can allow you to keep your phone, your tablet, and your laptop charged with only one device. Instead of buying multiple mini devices and having to keep track of all of them. Once again if you are an avid traveler this is certainly something that you are going to want to look into. It’s just a safer way to be able to charge and use all of your devices. We know it’s not a gadget that we could point to as directly for your phone. The reason why we included it in the “Phone Accesories For Travelers”, list was that it is one of the most important external gadgets if you will for traveling across the pond!     

Waterproof Phone Case 

The problem with these is that again, you have to find the right one! There is no denying the fact that there are quite a few gimmicky products out there. That promise you that your phone is going to be safe under the cover. You put in the water and, you kiss your phone goodbye! These days phones are way more water-resistant than they were in the past. Some phones in the previous generation could suffer irreparable water damage if you were caught in heavy rain. Most of today’s phones are said to be able to hold up a little better. Still, if you are traveling to the beach it’s not a bad idea to put in some extra help.  

The biggest issue, in this case, is finding an actual waterproof phone case that works. The biggest problem with that is you would have to test any type of individual case that you buy. As we recommend with SIM cards it’s usually a good idea to test any of these phone accesories before you go on the trip. If you have an old phone that you can afford to lose it’s going to be the perfect subject for this test! Just make sure that you don’t overstretch the cover or anything like that when you put it on the test phone. Getting one of these can certainly help you be more at ease while you travel. Especially as the parent of kids who are a bit distracted from time to time! 

As we mentioned if you are going to a beach it’s going to be a perfect fit. Would it make sense if you were going anywhere else though? Well if you are going camping or something like that you can certainly use a tougher phone case. Maybe not exactly a waterproof case. Yet extra protection always seems to be a good idea!    

Wireless Power Bank For Charging 

This is another obvious pick for one of the top phone accesories. The problem with these power banks is finding one that is actually 100% reliable. There are a lot of cheap products on the market. As is the case with the voltage converters. It makes sense to overspend for one of these gadgets for one simple reason. That peace of mind that you get when you need one of these devices and you know that it’s going to work! Again, if you are a person who travels a lot, especially to remote locations where you don’t always have access to electricity this can be a great way to make sure that you are able to keep in touch.   

There are different versions of this particular product available. Some of these power banks claim to be solar-powered. Others, you would have to plug them in during the night to make sure that you have power to go around in the day. The key to this gadget is finding one that you feel comfortable with and you can rely on. If you feel that the solar-powered, power bank works for you that’s great. Especially if you are taking a trip to a remote location with a lot of sun! There are other options out there. Like buying an external battery. Those have become less and less popular. Since phone batteries are not something that is as easy to remove from your phone as it once was! 

Camera Kit or Camera Lens For Your Phone  

There is no doubt that current phones on their own take better pictures than those disposable cameras that you got from Kodak to be able to take pictures on a trip! If you read this sentence and have no idea what Kodak and is and what we are talking about, you are a lucky young buck! That being said, even if your phone can take high-quality pics you may be looking for even more quality. There are actually a couple of ways that you can achieve this. There are different lens kits that you are going to be able to attach to your phone to upgrade your phone’s camera. Giving you the chance to take actual pro-quality pictures from your phone.  

We do admit that this is one of the phone accesories for you phone that falls more on the gimmick side than on the useful side. Yet a lot of people want to take better quality pictures. Certainly, this is one way to do that. Plus, you can get one of these kits for around 20-25 dollars. For that price even if it does turn out to be more a gimmick product you are not going to be spending too much money. That is one of the reasons we felt ok including it on the list. If you don’t want to get too technical though, you can always take a selfie stick and up your filter game for Instagram, and you could be fine!    

Translator App or External Device

We have to admit that this feature is not exactly a travel gadget for your phone. You can find apps for this, and you can find external devices that do this. So, it technically is a gadget and because of that, we are going to slide it on the list! Also, it’s our list so we can bend the rules a little bit! Especially for something like this, we just feel like it’s worth it. If you are going to be traveling anywhere where you don’t really know the language this is a device that you are going to want to get! The way that these gadgets or apps work is that you’ll speak into them in your native language and the device will speak out a translation of what you just said in the local language. 

Could you not just do this with Google translate? Yes, you technically could actually! What most of these apps or devices promise though is a much more fluid translation that is usually not blurred out by the typical robotic voice that you would get from Google translate. We are going, to be honest here and say that we can’t 100% back one device. As this is not something that we’ve tried out personally. Google translate has gotten way better in the last few years though. So it would not be out of the question to think that there are other devices that have been able to essentially master automated translation. If you are heading to Asia or anywhere, where you really don’t know the language at all this could be an interesting buy!    

External Phone Accesories: Bluetooth Eye Mask

This is perhaps one of the best devices that you are going to find for those long flights or bus ride trips. With a Bluetooth eye mask, you can black out all of the light so that you can sleep comfortably on these long trips. The mask also doubles as a headphone device. Which means that you can listen to soothing music while you try to sleep. Again, this feature is one that can be perfect for airplane and car travel. With the headphones, you are going to be able to effectively block out all of the external noise. 

This is one of those devices that can be used daily for some folks. It can also be a great companion for eco-tours. A lot of times finding that pitch-black darkness that some people need to be able to sleep can be rough when you are out camping. This mask is going to be able to provide that for you without too much trouble. You could make the argument that this is another one of those devices that is a little bit gimmicky. You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to think that. If you are an avid eye mask user though this can be a perfect fit for your travels.    

Phone Case With Make-Up Mirror

If we did list of the most practical and useful phone accesories, this product could be right up at the top. With this phone case you are going to be able to put your make up on no matter where you happen to be. Some of these cases actually come with a credit card holder as well. There are makeup mirrors that you can just attach to the back of your phone. The problem with those is that they are going to essentially break if you happen to drop your phone. With this case, there is less of a chance of that happening.    

For a lot of people not knowing what kind of face they are putting out to the world can be a real problem. While traveling there is a chance that your makeup may run or that you may not look your best at times. This is a perfect way to make sure that doesn’t happen again! 

Is It Worth It To Buy Extra Phone Accesories?  

So after this relatively short list, can we unequivocally say that it is worth it to go and out and look for multiple phone accesories before you travel? To be honest there are a couple of things on this list that can turn out to be real necessities for a lot of people. Therefore there are some gadgets that are truly worth buying. On the other hand, we do have to admit that some others can be more of a gimmick. 

At the end of the day though you probably know your travel habits better than anyone. There is a good chance that you found something on the list that can help you the next time you travel. Whether it helps you keep your phone charged or your eyeliner perfect, we are glad that we were able to help!